Foil The Milfoil:
The Moody Pond Challenge

Foil The Milfoil: The Moody Pond Challenge 

‘Foil the Milfoil: The Moody Pond Challenge’, is an annual, month-long fundraiser beginning on the second Saturday in July. Embrace the campaign enthusiastically and participate by choosing an activity, walking, running, biking, bagging peaks, reading, even sewing masks, anything you can think of, and encourage others to join you as a team or sponsor you. You will have the chance to be creative, to be inspired and to inspire others.

Celebrate the conclusion of the event with us on Moody Pond at the Ice Cream Social, the second Saturday in August. Members of the ‘Friends of Moody Pond’ serve ice cream and hold a silent auction (items donated by local businesses), while you listen to blue grass music performed by local bands. Everyone is welcome, and it’s FREE! 

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