Foil The Milfoil:
The Moody Pond Challenge

Foil The Milfoil: The Moody Pond Challenge


Foil the Milfoil: The Moody Pond Challenge’ is a month-long virtual fundraiser beginning the second Saturday in July, and ending with an Ice Cream Social Celebration on Moody Pond. Participants of ‘The Challenge’ register online, choose a favorite activity (walking, running, biking, bagging peaks, reading, even sewing masks) and encourage others to join as a team or donate to their ‘Challenge’. We celebrate the conclusion of the event on the pond at ‘The Moody Pond Challenge: Ice Cream Social’. Friends of Moody Pond members serve ice cream while guests are entertained with bagpipes, local bands, a children’s magic show, and a silent auction. (Items donated by local businesses.) Everyone is welcome, and it’s FREE!

All proceeds from ‘The Moody Pond Challenge’ are currently being used to benefit the pond directly. At a cost of $1,500 per day for 2-divers and 1-tender, Invasive Solutions Dive Company began hand-harvesting and removing the invasive Eurasian watermilfoil this summer (2021). We anticipate that it will take several years, with 2-3 weeks of hand-harvesting each year to get the EWM under control.

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